VIVID MLS/Lease Real Estate photo



MLS and/or Lease compliant.







- High Quality Vivid HDR interior and exterior digital pictures: printable size (2500pxl) and  MLS ready.
- Full interior retouch includes the fireplaces and TV screens.
-FIXING images for OVERCAST SKY on a rainy day (except views).

- Additional RGB Balanced LED lightings.
- travel fees included (>>view service area)

Prompt 12-24 hours delivery via Dropbox/ Google Drive (1 month access to the shared folders).

- exterior twilight shooting options


- additional deep retouch options


- FREE Online Photo Gallery on BC HOME GALLERY Media (by request). MLS compliant media link is provided. Just use the Online Photo Gallery as a Multimedia on MLS.




All prices are subject to 5% GST


Up to 1,000 Sq.Ft. $ 159


1,001- 2,000 Sq.Ft. $ 179


2,001- 3,000 Sq.Ft. $ 199


$30 Extra per 1,000 Sq.ft +

AERIAL Photo DRONE SERVICE in UNCONTROLLED airspace flat ADD-ON $120, up to 10 edited aerial images.


Twilight shooting ("Golden hour - Blue hour" exterior pictures) -please contact us.

*Over 5,000 Sq.Ft -please contact us.

Additional deep retouch  -please contact us.


!!! For unfurnished properties, we recommend you OUR VIRTUAL HOME STAGING SERVICE



!!! OUR VIRTUAL HOME CLEANING SERVICE can delete any clutter / mess from the listing images.







Upgrade vivid pictures with a FULL HD SLIDESHOW is hosted on Youtube/Vimeo Channel "BC Virtual Tours". The MLS compliant media link is provided.
Please notify us before the photo session starts about upgrade needed. Great Thanks! :)

FREE EXTRA! QR codes for FULL HD SLIDESHOW (by request). View a QR code sample

Upgrade is $69 $59 ONLY!








Add an Instagram Full HD Social Media slideshow (teaser 1 min compliant). 1 video file copy is included.