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Recommended for LUXURY/ DeLuxe/ Staged Homes


Residential/Strata Real Estate PREMIUM Package:

Prompt delivery via Dropbox/ Google Drive (1 month access to the shared folders). Pictures are ready within 24 hours.

Prices include*: 
-Interior Design images. (>>> gallery)
 -FIXING photos for OVERCAST SKY on a rainy day (except views).
- the retouch of fireplaces and TV screens.
- travel fees within Greater Vancouver area.
- no reference to sq.ft.

-Online Photo Gallery on BC REAL ESTATE GALLERY Media (by request). MLS compliant media link is provided. View BC REAL ESTATE GALLERY







Focus on interior details with the amazing tilt-shift depth of field! I use highest quality prime specialist architecture/interior wide lenses and view telephoto lenses. 
I work with the second back-up camera to minimize any technical issues at the site.



Residential/Strata Real Estate PREMIUM Package includes*:


  - HDR interior and exterior photos: printable size (2500 pxl) and MLS/web (1024x680 pxl) and/or MLS (1280x960 pxl)

1-15 Standard images + 5 Interior Design images $189

16-20 Standard images + 5 Interior Design images $199

21-25 Standard images + 5 Interior Design images $229

Over 25 Standard images images - $4 per image

Additional Interior Design images - $25 per image


*Some conditions may apply.

$99 is add-on for the exterior twilight shooting ("Golden hour - Blue hour" exterior pictures).